Much of my professional time is now devoted to materials development, including both print and electronic resources. Here are some of my most recent projects…

  • Dorling Kindersley
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    2015 - 2016: Dorling Kindersley, UK
    Writing of the advanced level student’s book for a new self-study English course released in 2016. Written two further course books - more details available soon…

  • British Council
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    2015: British Council, Chile
    Creation of a national, interactive and collaborative learning game commissioned by the British Council, Chile. Training on implementing the game to the PIAP Project, Ministry of Education.

  • Laureate Inc.
    Laureate Inc

    2014 - 2015: Laureate Inc., USA
    Writing and digitizing teacher development courses for the Laureate English Programme teachers in the Laureate International Universities network. This involves course writing, multimedia asset collection and production and production of SCORM-ready materials in SmartBuilder


    2014: CIDEB, Italy
    Writing and producing scripts for Business English videos, and production of worksheets for both these, and selected BBC scripts. Writing and production of a teacher's guide to using technology with graded readers.

  • Richmond

    2014: Richmond International ELT Publishing, Spain
    In June, the Android, iOS and paper version of my co-authored Business English, choose-your-own-adventure graded reader, 'Feeling the Heat at Radio Flame' was published.

    2014: Richmond ELT, Oxford, UK
    Reading worksheets to accompany graded readers: Sherlock Holmes & the Oxford Murders. C1 level.

    2014: Richmond ELT, Oxford, UK
    Development of supplementary materials (worksheets, reading activities at A2 level) for Richmond Skills Boost. [ more… ]

  • Young Digital Planet
    Young Digital Planet

    2013 - 14: Young Digital Planet, Poland
    Writing of Year 8 and 9 (A2-B1) resources for Core Curriculum for English Digital project. [ more… ]


Much of my recent professional face-to-face experience has been in academic management, both in terms of managing schools, to helping others make the leap from teacher to manager. I now take this experience online for various organisations including International House London and The Consultants-E. Apart from this kind of course I also tutor in the application of technologies in teaching.

  • The Consultants-E Ltd

    E-Moderation Course
    This course is aimed at teachers, trainers, tutors, facilitators, lecturers and mentors from any discipline and any level of education, who are interested in developing the skills necessary to become an effective e-moderator in online courses. It is also specifically recommended by Cambridge ESOL for f2f CELTA teacher trainers wanting to become qualified online CELTA trainers. [ more… ]

    The Certificate in Teaching Languages with Technology is an international qualification, designed and developed by The Consultants-E, fully validated by Trinity College London. The course examines a range of useful technology-related skills and tools which are immediately applicable in the language classroom. [ more… ]

    mLearning in Practice
    A course about mobile learning, or ‘mlearning’ - learning with mobile or handheld devices. The course aims to explore mLearning from both the learner’s and the educator’s perspective. We look at the range of mobile or handheld devices currently available for learning, and we examine current best practice and principles in mLearning. We consider mLearning both in and outside the classroom, and in both formal and informal learning situations. [ more… ]

  • IH London

    Orientation Module
    The Orientation Module runs for 1 week and is compulsory for anyone wishing to do an International House online course. The module covers technical skills (learning how to use the VLE (Moodle) and social skills (learning how to work together online) as well as introductory content areas such as educational management and your organisation and organisational culture theory and the workplace. [ more… ]

    Certificate in Educational Management Skills
    The IH Certificate in Educational Management Skills will develop your skills in line managing teachers, help you gain an appreciation of how to conduct effective observations and develop your understanding of the principles behind setting up in-service training. The course provides the opportunity to network and share ideas and best practice with colleagues worldwide. [ more… ]


I give talks at conferences, training events and seminars as well as online, in webinars. Many of my talks are related to the principled use of technologies, with a particular interest in mobile and handheld teaching and learning.

  • E-book Activities for Teachers and Learners

    As ELT publishers are creating more and more e-book reader resources, opportunities open up for their creative use by teachers and students. This practical talk outlines a number of tried and tested activities for students inside and outside the classroom. These activities incorporate listening, speaking, writing and reading skills, alongside a focus on developing digital literacy. We will briefly examine the 'e-book graded reader' genre itself and the wide variety of available formats and functionality. We will also look at what we should assess when buying sets of readers for schools. Some of the activities focus on the inbuilt functionality of the e-book whilst others utilise the platform on which they are based.

  • New Skills for Teachers and Materials Writers

    The sharepocalypse is upon us, information and materials everywhere. Gone are the days when we had to trawl through newspapers and magazines to get every last piece of ‘usable’ material. What we have now though is a new concern: how to filter all this information; how to bookmark it, store it and recall it for later use. What about the materials we create from all this information - where can we store them and share them? Perhaps you are considering creating a bank of online editable resources for your teachers to share? This talk gives simple and practical solutions and ideas to help develop these new skills and resources.

  • Online Tools for Busy Managers

    In this workshop I take a practical look at various online tools that can make a manager's life easy. We look at Google Drive (for document management and sharing), Diigo (for resource management) and Trello (for project management). During the workshop participants have a chance both to try out these tools, and to consider how they might fit in with their current workflow, and enhance their working life.

  • A Why and How of Graded Readers

    This talk first covers the methodological and pedagogical underpinning of using readers in (and out of) classroom. This ‘Why’ introduction is then followed by a ‘How’ which consists of a number of ideas for practical activities for teachers to take away. These activities are suitable for both paper and digital readers and cover a range of reading sub-skills as well as a variety of activities for other skills. It also covers a variety of learner types and levels from A1 General English students through to Business English learners.

  • Encouraging Learner Autonomy

    We first take a look at what learner autonomy is and why is it a vital part of being a developing learner. Whilst most teachers appreciate the benefits of learner autonomy it is less clear how to encourage and develop it within our classroom or teaching and learning environments. Whether we see learner autonomy simply as part of the language learning process or as part of developing the learner, this talk suggests a number of possible activities and tasks which are aimed at encouraging the process.

  • Implementing Handheld Learning

    At a time when many language schools are considering investing in handheld devices for classroom use, this workshop follows the process taken in a private language school from inception to implementation. The workshop examines the practical implications of decisions regarding device purchase, security and maintenance, as well as teacher training and support.

  • Leadership Skills for Young Adults

    Originally a one-off workshop, this theoretical and practical session can be delivered to groups of students in need of project management and leadership training.

  • Project Based Learning and Graded Readers - From Setting-up to Sharing Work

    Searching for new and exciting ways to make the most out of your graded readers? Graded readers, with their exciting plots, fascinating characters and extraordinary settings lend themselves to a vast array of learning projects. In this session, we will briefly examine the theory behind Project Based Learning before looking at a number of practical examples of projects that cover a range of language skills and levels. High tech, low tech and no tech options will be explored. We will also look at alternative ways of setting up projects and, most importantly, sharing the final results.

  • Extensive or Expansive: Graded Readers re-examined.

    Graded Readers, or Language Learner Literature is big business. This is evidenced by the ever-growing size and number or graded reader catalogues available and also the introduction of more digital readers. The fact remains, however, that students do not read enough, and graded readers are not used enough. This talk aims to address this issue with theoretical and practical guidance [ first given at IATEFL 2016, part of the LCMS SIG Day ].

Social Media 

I run social media campaigns for language schools and training organisations in the industry, covering all main social media outlets, blogging and multimedia library management.

  • Perfectly Spoken
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    2015 - to date: Perfectly Spoken, UK
    Social Media Manager for online teaching startup.

  • The Consultants-E
    The Consultants-E Ltd.

    2013 - to date: The Consultants-E Ltd., UK
    Social Media Manager for large online training organisation.

  • Anglo European School
    Angloeuropean School of English

    2013 - 15: Anglo European School of English, UK
    Social Media Manager for mid-scale school in the UK.

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